Now that I am more or less retired, I hope to have time to talk about things that interest me, Ken McKay.

I am the carer for my invalid wife, so I know I will have some interruptions for essential services. That is in fact my full time job. In the next page I might list all my previous jobs.

And I’m listing the books that have been published for my wife Helen McKay.

Also listed are some music pieces which I play in my mind, especially to clear other sound tracks of radio or TV commercials. One which I have listed contains “We don’t need no education.” I don’t subscribe to that thinking. but sadly I know someone who did. She had a sister and cousins who all worked hard and gained university degrees. But this one wanted to drop out. Now in her forties, economic reality has struck. She has now taken courses to help in her employment.

At school I liked art, but when I left school the committee that took the place of my dead father advised that if I studied to qualify as an accountant I would be better able to support myself than if I became an artist. I followed their advice. But took time to do some landscape paintings which sold. The first one was a harbour bridge which I painted from a street view point. Some school kids stopped to look and give advice e.g. “Hey Mister, you painted those clouds in the wrong place.” Then a TV News van pulled up and asked if they could put me on the evening news. (Oh dear – I had taken sick leave from work for this. But nobody at work saw the news item).  Ironically, my last job was as a web designer.

Ken McKay

Fountain Newcastle NSW - photo by Ken McKay

Fountain Newcastle NSW – photo by Ken McKay